3 Man Cave Decor Tips That Screams a King Lives Here.

By: Kayla Malone

Social Media/Marketing Intern

Need a few ideas for a space you want to transform into your complete oasis? Feeling stuck on how to best show off all your collectibles and sports memorabilia? We’ve got three simple decor tips to help elevate your space into the man cave of your dreams. 

Pick The Right Spot

What kind of space are you working with? Some of the most popular spots people transform into their personal Eden are garages, sheds, and basements. Picking the area you want to design to your taste is the first step into creating it. Here are some photos for inspiration, to get your creative juices flowing.  


Man cave garages are functional and serve multiple purposes. They’re perfect for smaller collections or hobbies that don’t take up too much room. Check out some of the examples we found of extraordinary man cave transformations:


Basements are one of the more traditional areas that people make into man caves. Basement areas are perfect for displaying more extensive collections that require more space and storage. Check out some of these basements turned man caves down below: 


Shed man caves are a different option for more extensive collections or hobbies that involve being outdoors. Sheds transformed into man caves are great for those who want a more rustic aesthetic man cave experience. Here are some of our favorite sheds turned man caves below:

Tip #2: Pick a Theme The Rocks

Now that you have an idea of where you plan to set up your man cave, it’s time to pick a theme. Selecting a subject determines how you can proceed in decorating your space to reflect your interests best. Below, we’ve put together a list of popular man cave themes. 

A Collection: 

Though it may seem obvious, most man caves are centered around some sort of collection of items. These items are typically put on display and play a large part in the man cave’s overall decor and aesthetic. If you have a vast collection that you aren’t sure how to store, check out “How to Arrange a Gorgeous Shoe Display.” Take a look at some of the assortments people have chosen to theme their man cave around:



Memorabilia is often a widespread use for decor in man caves. It’s a great way to display timeless cultural elements that you want to keep protected while playing a functional role in your space. Here are some examples of memorabilia themed man caves: 



Perhaps one of the most popular themes for man caves is sports. Sports collections in man caves can be filled with memorabilia, personal accomplishments, or just sports-related items and color schemes. Check out how these athletes organize collections of their own in our article “The Top 5 Athletes in the Shoe Game”.  For more inspiration, check out these decked out sports-themed man caves: 

Tip #3: Prepare the Power Tools

Finally, now that you’ve picked where you’ll begin constructing the man cave of your dreams, and have planned out a theme for space, it’s time to prep the tools. To properly bring your vision to life, now you must gather the necessary tools such as a display case, posters, and signs. 


Signs are an exciting way of both decorating and lighting up your man cave area. They can add an eclectic atmosphere to your man cave and you can even customize them to your liking.


Display Case:

If you have a larger collection that you’re looking to not only store in a safe space but also put on display, then you definitely need to equip yourself with an acrylic display case as seen on our site DisplayInfinity.com. Learn to keep the case and your valuables looking fresh with our article “How to Properly Clean an Acrylic Glass Shoe Display”.


Posters, like signs, are great ways to cover up large amounts of blank wall space. They can be based around an idea or theme that compliments the overall aesthetic of the mancave. Or, the posters can center around a more general idea that adds to the creative design of the room. Below, we’ve chosen some fascinating examples of man caves decked out in posters.

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