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The Best Kicks To Strut Into Summer

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By: Kayla Malone

Are you looking to explore new activities to do this summer? Make sure you put your best foot forward with our list of the best kicks to wear during your favorite summer festivities!

Hiking Shoes

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Here are the essential features to look for in a pair of hiking shoes. They should

  • Offer a good balance between lightweight, stability, and support.
  • Should offer comfortable cushioning functionality
  • It should be stiff and offer breathability 
  • It should protect your feet, be durable, and fit perfectly.

When it comes to style, hiking footwear comes in three main types – the hiking shoe, backpacking boots, and the day hiking boot. The hiking shoe is designed for a more casual walk in parks and on some uneven terrains. Backpacking boots are bigger and designed for heavy-hitting stuff. The design allows them to protect the ankles, and they’re perfect for all-day hiking adventures.

Day hiking boots are similar in design to backpacking boots, although they weigh a little less. Their design also allows them to offer ankle protection, and they’re great for regular hiking. 

Salomon and Merrel Moab are two reputable brands that have high-quality Hiking shoes. You can also store and display multiple pairs of shoes by learning How to Arrange a Gorgeous Shoe Display Case.

Bicycling Shoes

A Picture of extreme pro white cycling shoes

Here are the essential features to look for in biking shoes

  • Biking shoes offer rigidity to transfer energy from the rider to the pedals
  • It provides a simple method of attaching the shoes to the pedals to prevent slipping
  • biking shoes are lightweight enough to ease the load on the rider
  • Since a biking shoe doesn’t need to bend, it is stiffer in construction

Cycling shoes come in several types when it comes to style. The differences have more to do with functionality than with design or appearance. The main types include mountain bike shoes, road bike shoes, city bike or hybrid shoes, and dual-sided clipless pedals. You can also distinguish between various styles based on the type of closure used. These range from lace to velcro closures. 

These are two reputable brands that have high-quality Bicycling shoes:

  • Giro Empire
  • Fizik Infinito

Tennis Shoes

Photo of a tennis racket and a pair of tennis shoes paired with Nike socks.

Here are the basic features a good pair of tennis shoes will have

  • Outsoles that are ideal for hard courts
  • Stable and reliable tread
  • Prominent toe guard
  • Shock absorption feature with added comfort
  • Stability for quick movement and stops
  • Extra protection around the upper part of the shoe

Tennis shoes come in various styles, based on the surface they’re designed for. These include hardcourt shoes, clay court shoes, grass court tennis shoes,  and all court tennis shoes. Some reputable brands with high-quality tennis shoes include Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Lotto, Fila, and Asics, to mention a few.  Make sure you’re taking the best care of your kicks by storing them in the appropriate packaging. Also, you should be aware of 5 Reasons Not to Store Your Shoes in a Cardboard Shoebox.

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