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A Guide to Sneaker Slang

A Guide to Sneaker Slang

Sneakers have been available on the market for decades now. With their style and fashion, they created an impact among people of all ages, giving birth to sneaker slang.

For a new collector, knowing the sneakers steez is a good start. It will help you relate to sneaker friends, and stay in the know with current trends.

  • Coke Whites
    These are whiter than the typical white sneakers. When you want to add mystery in your closet, these pairs are a must.
  • Crepes
    Don’t be confused when your partner says crepes. It’s just another word for sneakers. When your close friend wants crepes on his birthday, you’ll know what to give.
  • Crispy
    This is not your favorite crispy crackers nor a fried drumstick. When sneakers are said to be crispy, they are spotless and new.
  • Deadstock
    This gives you a clue already. As the name suggests, it pertains to a shoe you stock in the box for months. Deadstock means a shoe that has never been worn. It has stayed in the box since you purchased it.
  • Factory laced
    A factory laced pair of sneakers remain untouched. The laces looked the same when they left the factory. When you hear someone say factory-laced shoes, you’re aware of what they mean.
  • Fire
    When a person is on fire, you know she’s hot. The same concept to sneakers. When pairs of shoes are hot, they are good, fashionable, and stylish.
  • Flight club
    This is not the place where you drink with your friends. It’s a sneaker consignment store where resellers and buyers go for limited sneakers. It’s also possible that your friends may spend a lot of money there.
  • Grails
    Well, these are not the cup during the medieval period. They are highly collectible sneakers. What most collectors see as their grail depends from person to person. There’s no rule in collecting pairs. It’s up to your taste and interests.
  • Gum Sole
    This is a kind of sole that you can see in sneakers. Known for its dark brown color, it’s also tested for durability. Replace a low-quality pair with a brand that has a gum sole. But prepare your pocket as they may cost an arm or a leg.
  • HTM
    You probably are looking for a limited kind of sneakers. HTM is perhaps your best shot. It’s a team comprised of Hiroshi Fujiwara (streetwear gawd), Tinker Hatfield (sneaker designers), and Mark Parker (Nike’s CEO). With its popularity, HTM is sold in different stores across the globe.
  • Icy Sole
    Sneakers’ icy soles are slightly see-through. They are also super fresh and comfy to wear. Everyone hates uncomfortable pairs of shoes. Sneakers with icy sole are a perfect choice.  Check out our guide to keep them clean.

Sneaker Lingo

Now that you know some slang sneaker words, you’ll no longer be confused when you talk to collectors and other users. You can understand them and express your thoughts well.

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