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4 Solutions to Travel With Your Shoes


NOTE: We do not work for any of these companies and this article is provided for informational purposes.

Spring break and summer are around the corner and you might or might not be traveling somewhere.  If you are and you are a sneaker collector or enthusiast, then this article will help you store your kicks for on the go.

Depending on where you are going to take your sneakers depends on what solution is available.

We looked at 4 different companies and gave you a listing of their current products.






For a more economical way to carry your sneakers, SolePack is the GO TO.  Prices range from $29.99 to $34.99.
If you already have a backpack and want a device to attach to it to carry your sneakers look no further.  The SP-1 comes in at $29.99.

“The SP-1 is an innovative backpack accessory for storing your kicks during travel. The dual compartments are made of a heavy-duty ballistic poly blend and each has a neoprene sole that allows the bag to expand to hold larger shoe sizes. “ (a)

They have different colors just go to their website and take a look for more information.  It’s to legit to pass up.
Now for something more compact + a bag on its own and a quick trip to the gym or a 1-day getaway the GRF is what you are looking for coming in at $34.99.

“The GRF is a new take on the classic drawstring bag. Its design stores shoe separately from the bag’s main interior compartment.  The GRF is the perfect bag for quick trips to the gym, training sessions or any other light packing excursion.” (a)

The SolePack is for everyday use and it’s very affordable so take a look at there website for more information.  Before you do look at what the other 3 companies have to offer. 😉

Before you proceed be aware that we start a price hike.  You pay for what you get and these items you get quality and straight awesome sneaker travel storage.  HexBrand is a more conservative or simplistic brand and is a direct competitor with the Shrine because they have similar product offerings.

An overall direct competitor to the HexBrand is the Shrine.  Both products look legit but it’s up to you to make the final decision on what price point and the product you like better.  There are pros and cons to everything and these to companies battle it head-on.

HEXBRAND (hexbrand.com)

HexBrand has 2 products created for sneakers.  Their first product is the Sneaker Backpack and it comes in at $149.95.  Quality backpacks are usually $100 dollars and the Sneaker Backpack is a righteous choice.

“The Sterling Sneaker Backpack is constructed in slate grey brushed nylon that is treated for water resistance. Contrasting black coated canvas trim mixes with marine camo genuine leather zipper pulls for a clean palette. This unique bag allows you to carry a pair of sneakers in a dedicated, vented sneaker compartment on the back of the bag, smart right? The interior has a padded and faux fur lined laptop storage pocket designed for a 17″ MacBook Pro but will also securely hold other 13″ – 17″ laptops. There is a general storage compartment above the sneaker area to hold clothes or other gear that can be collapsed to provide a full-height cargo area if you’re not packing your sneakers below. On the front, you will find two quick access Device Ready pockets (also padded and fleece-lined) to hold your iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini as well as your accessories. The interior includes an organizer for pens and cards, black Heritage logo lining, bar-tacked critical seams for durability, and surplus grade web straps and it’s easy to see why this backpack is so versatile.” (b)

You get the best of both worlds with this product storage for your clothes or electronics and a pair of shoes.  You might even be able to fit 2 pairs of converse?

Hexbrand’s second product is the Sneaker Duffel and Shrine has something similar.  It comes in at $159.95.

This has more space for storage then the Sneaker Backpack allowing for storage of 2 pairs of kicks.  It also has a larger compartment for additional storage.  Dope.

“The Sneaker Duffel is constructed in slate grey brushed nylon that is treated for water resistance. Contrasting black coated canvas trim mixes with genuine leather zipper pull for a clean palette. It Incorporates a roomy center compartment for travel clothes and a padded and faux-fur-lined laptop pocket that will accommodate up to a 13″ laptop. The front boasts a quick access, padded tablet or phone pocket. The two side ends of the bag house the innovative sneaker pockets. Each of these is separately lined and there is a polyurethane divider incorporated which reduces odor travel from the shoe pockets into the main clothing compartment. Mesh sock pockets are also designed into these sneaker compartments and ventilation is provided through eyelets as well. Like all HEX products, the sneaker duffel uses heavy, surplus grade web strapping for durability. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap as well as two additional zipper pockets, an ID pocket, custom zipper pulls, and luggage-style feet, to keep the bag up off the pavement when sitting. Custom black Heritage lining.” (b)

The Shrine looks have better quality products but with a price point that a little higher.  They are also a company that specifically focuses on sneaker travel bags.  With that said Shrine has 4 offerings each with some dope color choices for whatever you are into.

SHRINE (theshrine.co)

Like HexBrand Sneaker BackPack the Shrine’s Sneaker Daypack is something similar but with a different design.  It comes in at $129.  Put it on your back and go.

“The Shrine Sneaker Daypack is our take on a daily use bag with needed sneaker storage. The unique fold-out sneaker compartment construction keeps your high tops clean and protected. This pack was created for day-to-day use and will become the new standard for sneakers carry. Whether packing your kicks for a quick pickup game after school or hitting the gym during the workday, this backpack has you covered. The rear padded compartment fits up to size 17″ laptops and even a book or folders. The top section can hold your tablet and has an organizer for your work/school items (pens/mouse/wallet/etc).” (c)

We think it’s a great backpack if you maybe have school and are going to shoot some hoops after class.  Most def a great product to take a look at.

Like the HexBrand Sneaker Duffle, the Shrine Sneaker Duffel is similar.  Coming in at a higher price at $249.

Shrine Sneaker Duffel
“Our Shrine Sneaker Duffel is a travel bag designed with two large dedicated sneaker compartments for your limited edition kicks. It also has a large middle compartment for your clothing. Underneath the main lid opening, there is a mesh pocket for your chargers, cables and other essentials. There is also one watch pocket for your favorite timepiece.” (c)

Great for a weekend trip where you want to bring 2 pairs of shoes.  Zippers look sturdy and the overall design looks well thought out.  More information on theshrine.co.
If the Duffle isn’t what you really want the Shrine has a backpack specifically for the weekend.  The Weekender Back Pack comes in at $289.

“The Shrine Sneaker BackPack is a weekend travel pack designed with two large dedicated sneaker compartments for your kicks. It also has storage for all your important accessories: caps, watches, jewelry, and tech. Whether flying to another city or just staying with friends a few hours away, your Weekender BackPack is the only bag you need.” (c)

Great design and definitely a great backpack for the weekend.  Allows for 2 pairs to be stored securely and your threads separated by a flap.  Another option to good to pass by.

The Shrine’s last product is the Sneaker Wheeled Case. This is specified as an option to use it as a carry-on on a plane.  You don’t have to wear a backpack or carry it as a duffel you can wheel it around the airport.  The Sneaker Wheeled Case comes in at $389.

“The Shrine Wheeled Case is our latest addition to our travel goods line up. Very similar to our Weekender Backpack, it provides two dedicated shoe compartments for your sneakers or boots during travel. Along with storage for a weekend’s worth of clothes in the main compartment, it also has specific pockets for your accessories, watches, jewelry, etc. The two front pockets provide quick access for a 15″ laptop and your smartphone/chargers/wallet/or passport when running through TSA. Make travel as easy as possible with this carry-on wheeled case design.” (c)

Little pricey we think but the quality and the design is on point.  We fancy and this product adds to that.

Our last company is Lexdray and they outdid themselves by providing storage for more shoes than any of the companies above in one bag.

LEXDRAY (lexdray.com)

Lexdray’s Portland Sneaker Duffel allows you to store 6 pairs of sneakers in your bag. Maybe you want to wear a different pair for all 6 days you are on vacation or maybe you’re going to sell some shoes at a SneakerCon in your city.  This bag will help you do all that at a price of $350.

“You don’t have to be a sneakerhead to love this duffel—but it helps. Designed with shoe transport in mind, this unique carry-on duffel features a roll-top center channel lined with fleece and a custom print that easily fits two to three pairs of any size shoes. Our premium hardware makes it easy to expand the center compartment for shoes size 14 and larger, and roll it down for smaller shoes. Two additional generous zipper compartments can hold a weekend’s worth of clothes and gear—or an additional four pairs of sneakers (size 12 or smaller). These two compartments also feature storage slots and mesh zipper pockets that can hold any size laptop or other valuables. The bag has four external zippered pockets for smaller items, and a comfortable shoulder strap that adjusts to wearing the bag cinched on your back or over the shoulder.” (d)

If you are taking more than 2 pairs this is the bag to look at.  Head over to their website for more information.

We hope you enjoyed the read and that it will help you with the right TRAVEL storage for your kicks.  If you have any comments or other products you know about, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow and like our social media pages.

Also, if you aren’t traveling and just want to display your shoes, check out our solutions.




(b) hexbrand.com

(c) theshrine.co

(d) lexdray.com

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