The 5 Top Athletes in the Sneaker Game

Do you follow an athlete’s footwear more than their game? If so, then you are a  bonafide sneakerhead, just like many of the world’s top athletes. From basketball to tennis, you are not the only one with your eyes on the prize. 

This year, as sports locked down and moved into bubbles, the sneaker game went crazy. Below, we have collected 5 top athletes who have rocked their sneakers this past year.

1. Lebron James

Lebron James has his interests in a lot of different places. He has had his own television series, has been cast in an upcoming sequel to Space Jam, built his own watch brand, and still continues his endorsement with Nike. In fact, you may even say he is their premier endorsement figure, in or out of Basketball. 

His Nike sneakers arrive in a multitude of designs. Everything from plain ice white to technicolor efforts abounds. He could be the greatest of all time, and his shoes certainly do match. 

2. P J Tucker

Though he may not have the stats of Lebron James, P J Tucker is a machine in the sneaker world. That comes down to the fact that he is a genuine sneakerhead, with collections and shoe display walls in his home. Because of this, he has managed to have one of the most followed sneaker sets in the NBA.

This year, the supply of sneakers has been absurd. Limited edition decade-old vintages dunks, original Air Jordans 1s, and Air Max 1 runners have all graced his feet, on and off the court, this season.

3. Serena Williams

The first lady, and first non-basketball player on the list. Serena Williams holds the record for the most singles Grand Slam title wins. Naturally, this makes her a target for high stakes endorsements. 

Serena has taken full advantage of this. As well as her headline-grabbing on-court dresses and suits, she recently started to delve into the world of sneakers. Her Air Max 97s are fetching upwards of $1000 on the after-sale market. 

4. Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics became the headliner of Air Jordan 34 in his first season. His designs are wild and varied, and always come ready to make a statement. Each of them is extremely personal to him, coming from ideas based on his children, favorite foods, and home town. 

He had four variations of a ‘Taco Jay’ pair that he would wear on any Tuesday games. These included a zoo inspired animal print edition along with some sleek futuristic designs. 

5. Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr was the first star of soccer to claim his own pair of Air Jordans. The Paris St Germain player started with a Jordan V and Air Jordan Cleat in 2016. None of this is simply a product endorsement, as Neymar Jr is a fully-fledged shoe displaying sneakerhead himself who once set a sneaker shopping record

Paris St Germain was the first club to be sponsored by the Jordan brand. With Neymar’s contract being worth $600 million and his huge social media reach, you can see why this Brazilian is a lucrative catch for Nike. 

Top Athletes Sneaker Collections

All of these top athletes have cash and contracts. Many collectors don’t have that disposable income and have to take a lot more care and attention with their money and sneakers. This involves storing and protecting their investments.

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