Transforming Your White Sneakers Into Summer Showstoppers

Colorful cartoon pair of Nike Air Force 1's

By: Kayla Malone

If you are looking to revamp your basic white sneakers to include more of your personality, then look no further than the latest customization trend. This new and upcoming trend is a brilliant way to add an individualistic flair to your closet this summer. Custom-made shoes are becoming more popular in the fashion industry and are regularly seen on social media platforms. The DIY trend has inspired and continues to inspire many creators and gives them the opportunity to showcase their artwork and express their unique creativity in a new and exciting way. 

Let’s have a look at some of the simple ways you can join this new customization trend and turn your white sneakers into summer showstoppers.

The Right Base

You will find that the majority of people have at least one pair of white sneakers in their shoe collection. They’re seen as an essential, are versatile, and now make the perfect pair for customization. If you have more the one pair of white sneakers it provides you with more choice and freedom to design your own pair of custom-made shoes and express your creativity. Of course, you can create custom shoes from any color sneaker, however, starting with a while pair is highly recommended for your first try.  You want to start from the basics and look at areas such as the structure of your white sneakers and include the structural design into your creative vision. It’s also a good idea to make sure your trainers are clean and prepped for any customizations.

White Nike Air Force 1's styled on the street
a photo of White low rise Vans taken from Pinterest
Two pairs of Adidas superstar sneakers

Getting Inspired

If you are eager to get started but are feeling a little uninspired it can help massively to have a look at some inspirational picture first. Custom Nike, custom Adidas, and custom Vans are brands that are well known for being used for custom designs because they are widely available and have iconic designs. 

Take a look at some of these brilliant custom-designed kicks we’ve seen from each brand:

Vans Custom Shoes

The Customs Classic Slip-On from Vans is an iconic design that is seen in many sneaker collections. They are probably one of the most commonly customized sneakers. They are also extremely well priced and include a variety of different colors, materials, patterns, and more. There are also many different shoes in the style of sneakers.

Custom Made Vans shoes with flame detailing
Custom Made White Vans with checker and writing detailing

Adidas Custom Shoes

A sportier option would be Custom Adidas sneakers. With these, you get both the sporty and individualized look. If you aren’t wearing them for fashion purposes, you can guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd on your morning run or at the gym. From simply adding your favorite colors to including the full covered design of your favorite character or team the options are limitless.

Custom colorful adidas Superstars
Blue and Orange custom made adidas Superstars

Nike Custom Shoes

Known as Nike by you, Nike custom sneakers are extremely popular and versatile in the customization market. Available in a wide range of styles including football boots, you can guarantee you will make a statement and fall in love with your own customized pair.

Custom Made Air Force 1's
White Air Force 1's with Blue Butterfly detailing

Create and Share

Once you have chosen your perfect brand and style, have done your research, and chosen your design, it’s time to get going with your design and start showing them off. Wear them with pride and share the creativity. A really great way to share your work is to use platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

The Instagram Logo and Icon
The Pinterest Logo and Icon
The Tiktok logo and icon


So what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for your first pair of white sneakers to customize or already have several pairs, there is no better time to start creating your perfect pair of custom white sneakers and turn them into summer showstoppers. 

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