What are the Different Types of Sneakers?

By: Maulik Garg

There are many different types of sneakers on the market, and they’ve all got their own selection of fans. But if you’re not really up to date on what sneakers are out there, and you’d like to update your shoe cabinet a little, let us shed some light on what products could take your fancy. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Athletic Sneakers
  2. Designer Sneakers
  3. Platform Sneakers
  4. Chunky Sneakers
  5. Slip-on Sneakers
  6. Leather Sneakers

Athletic Sneakers

These are sneakers that are made to play sports, and they’re made to look the part on the track and field as well! Most well known, thanks to their availability on the market (think Nike or Adidas), these sneakers are great for all activities and weather. 

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Designer Sneakers

While the term ‘sneakers’ implies a shoe that any and all can buy and wear, many sneaker brands have turned into designer companies, and many pre-established designers have decided to try and corner the sneaker market as well. Just look for the brand name, and if you know it, it’s a designer sneaker! 

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are a relatively recent trend in the sneaker world, but they’re a very comfortable and stylish fit, and a lot of people (predominantly women) have taken to their casual styling. However, they are not necessarily a good fit for gym shoe wear, but good for people who experience discomfort when walking. 

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Chunky Sneakers

Another recent trend in the shoe world, Chunky Sneakers are exactly as the name says: chunky! They look big on the foot, and feature a lot of mod cons in their design. Big in the sole and small in the lace, these types of sneakers are good for giving height and lift to a person’s outfit, and they’re a huge trend on social media right now. You’ll see kids wearing them most often! 

Slip-on Sneakers

The Slip-on sneaker has its own place in America’s cultural heart. It is a type of sneaker that comes without shoelaces, meaning they’re great for kids and anyone who troubles to bend down and tie a bow. Easy to slip on, as the name suggests, and with plenty of innovative designs that ensure they remain a popular shoe choice, these sneakers are totally casual and great for all situations. 

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Leather Sneakers

More of an investment than any other type of sneaker on this list, Leather Sneakers are made from heavy duty material, and are good for long periods of wear. They are great for both sports and casual use, as well as long walks on the beach and hikes through the woods, Leather Sneakers mold to your feet over time, making them the ultimate comfortable fit. 

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for the right sneaker for you, it’s sure to be in the list above!

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