Why is ShoeBoxOne the No.1 Shoe Display Case?

By: Maulik Garg

In the display case industry, there hasn’t been a quality, valuable display case on sale for years. Indeed, many people have gone for years just leaving their most prized pairs of shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe or just on the stairs, and that’s far less than what these designer, valuable shoes deserve. You need a proper shoe display case! And here at DI, we’ve got just the solution. The ShoeboxOne is just what the industry needs, and here’s why! 

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Materials Used

In the making of our acrylic display case, the ShoeBoxOne, we’ve made sure that all materials used are of high quality. They’re thick and resistant to breakages, so even though it’s a glass box, it’s very unlikely to smash if you have an accident while installing it. Indeed, the glass itself is 1/4 of an inch thick, meaning it’s thin enough to provide a good view, but strong enough to withstand cracking under pressure. 

Product Features

In the making of our display case, we’ve ensured it comes with many features that are very impressive on the current market. These include: 

  1. Beveled Door

The door to the ShoeboxOne is fully shaped and curved on the lock side, meaning we’ve got a properly beveled glass door to help keep any and all dust and debris out! The door fits tightly to the jamb, so you won’t have to worry about any critters getting in either. As long as you’ve got the key, your shoes will be locked up tight. 

  1. Front Opening Door

A front opening door means you have easy access to your shoes, whenever you need them, rather than simply looking at them through our clean and transparent glass. With a front opening door, all you need to do is unlock and pull the glass down, which is easier to operate than a side opening. 

  1. Mirror Backing

With mirror backing, you’ll be able to get a 360 degree view of your shoes, meaning you’ll never have to take them out of the display case just to get a good look! If you’ve got guests over, they won’t have to prize out those vintage, valuable sneakers, and you can keep an air seal on the good condition they’re in without having to compromise their stored environment.

  1. Customizable + Removable Tile

We also feature a customizable and removable tile in our display case, meaning you can switch up the display in your case to your heart’s content. Mix and match, try out some new themes and have ultimate control over the way your shoes look when they’re stored in the ShoeBoxOne. 


Here at DI, we want to make sure that any shoe enthusiasts have all their display needs catered for. And to do that, we’ve come up with our own, entirely customizable, and cutting-edge display case! So, if you’re in need of a new storage solution for your favorite pair of shoes, ask us about the ShoeBoxOne.

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